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Little House on the Prairie Contest
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This is a community for lovers of both the show and books of Little House on the Prairie. You can also join if you like the movies too, or just Laura Ingalls Wilder in general. The community will be a graphics and fanfiction community and will have weeks for the respective characters. Below is an upcoming list of when you can enter a contest.

Drabble: these last one week and I will post a topic each Friday.
One-Hour Challenges: these will of course last only one hour, if you all are interested in this, please let me know and I will start one.
Flashfic: Will begin on May 21. Anyone who is interested please sign up now with the following info:

-Favorite pairing to write for
-Favorite genre to write in
-What you want the story to be about
-Any do's or don't's for you when it comes to writing (for example: sex scenes, etc...)
-your e-mail address (and if you have it) your AIM screen name

Icons and such:
I will begin posting about 4-5 caps from a different episode each week. Your goal is to make an icon or wallpaper out of it and modify it to your liking. If this goes well, we'll start using quotes as well.

I hope to see more people joining soon and also more people participating! We need to show people that LHOP fans still exist!
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